Congratulations Graduating Technicians

What a great 4 days! We just wrapped our inaugural formal training program for the Gift of Water technicians in Haiti; the first training held in over 3 years. We had a great team of technicians assembled, including 8 seasoned veterans and 3 brand new ones.

Lead by our In Country Liaison (Lamothe Lormier) and 3 master technicians, the 4 day session provided the technicians with education and training on the following topics:

  • The Gift of Water purification system (parts, assembly, repair)
  • Conducting home visits
  • Keeping accurate records (home visits and inventory)
  • Microbiology, bacteriology and parasitology
  • Water & health concerns
  • Hygiene & Sanitation
  • Different purification processes
  • Various diseases, including Typhoid and Malaria
  • Cholera Myths & Facts
  • Facilitating a community meeting
  • Working with community leaders

It was a very interactive environment the entire week. Each technician had to take their turn at assembling, and disassembling, a purification system in front of the team as well as educating a new participating family in the new system. Though everyone struggled a bit initially, it was great to watch the “older” technicians mentor and teach the new ones.

At the culmination of the training event, each technician was tested for comprehension, received a field kit and graduation certificate.

The next training event is scheduled to take place beginning March 28 in Port au Prince. If you have any questions or have technicians in your sister communities you would like to send to future training sessions, please contact Laura Moehling.

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