Gift of Water Long Term Goals

Yesterday the Gift of Water Board of directors got together for a half day strategic planning session. We brainstormed everything from goals, objectives, budgets, financial goals and fundraising activities. In the spirit of total transparency, I thought I would share with you our goals for the coming year:

    • Become a sef-sustaining business
    • Procure an on-site location in Haiti
    • Build proficiency in training new technicians in Haiti
    • Establish manufacturing operations in Haiti
    • Employ local Haitians where possible
    • Offer short distance shipping in Haiti
    • Achieve “Haitian NGO” status
    • Cultivate deep ties with Parish Twinning Programs of America
    • Swiftly provide access to replacement parts for participating communities
    • Recognized as the authority on water purification and point of use systems
    • Increase awareness of Gift of Water in Haiti
    • Be easy to do business with, whether you are a sponsoring organization, participating community to vendor
    • Develop sustainable implementation and financial models

Want to weigh on in what we should be focused on? We would love to hear from you!!!

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