Gift of Water Program Overview

The overall strategy of Gift of Water is to intervene expediently in a community with the aid of a sponsor using a field-proven process. In Haiti, from the time finances are released until families are benefiting from a clean water program can be as little as six weeks. Gift of Water will use technologies that deliver an excellent balance between cost and effectiveness. Our litmus test is asking oneself “Would I be comfortable drinking that water all the time?”

There are four critical factors that have made Gift of Water successful in Haiti:


The System

The Gift of Water treatment system produces an excellent quality of water that addresses mortality (e.g. bacteria, viruses) and chronic malabsorption (e.g.parasites, bacteria, and viruses). The Gift of Water system was tested in a 2014 study at Purdue University, where the effluent water quality effectiveness was proven.


The Education

In addition to the water systems, Gift of Water provides WASH (Water treatment, Sanitation and Hygiene) training for all the users and technicians in Haiti. We believe that the lack of education in Haiti creates a huge roadblock to their health. We want to help them to become more independent and to help them understand where the illnesses are coming from to avoid unnecessary deaths in the future.


The In-Country Management

Gift of Water employs technicians across Haiti and has several different country managers. The technicians visit homes to ensure proper usage, and maintain the systems. This allows us to employ Haitians and to ensure the longevity and the effectiveness of the program in Haiti.


Our Sponsors

The Gift of Water sponsors have been generous with their donations of both time and money and have been active in their communities in order to keep their programs running. The Gift of Water team helps to establish the program in the communities, after which point the sponsors are responsible for maintaining the program, with assistance from the technicians and the country managers in Haiti. The Gift of Water team is available to provide assistance to our sponsors whenever it is needed.

The developed water management team, technicians, education sessions, distribution sessions regular check-ups are vital to the Gift of Water Program. The Gift of Water has a significant amount of experience helping to create successful rural community water programs. Please scroll though the website for additional information.