Why support Gift of Water?

Corporate sponsorship is a win/win for both your organization and the member communities participating in the Gift of Water program. Supporting Gift of Water affords you high profile recognition with large and diverse audiences. Your contributions signal to your customers and a broader community your organization is concerned with the welfare, health and interests of those struggling with access to clean drinking water.

Your contribution will assist Gift of Water to fund additional units in previously established communities, salaries for our country managers, and additional administrative and material costs for program operation in Haiti.

Benefits of Sponsorship

  • Enhanced reputation as a socially aware organization
  • Significant visibility through Gift of Water marketing campaigns and printed materials
  • Opportunity to make a direct investment in the lives of individuals struggling to meet basic health needs

Levels of Sponsorship

Gift of Water’s corporate sponsorship program has 5 levels of giving:

  • Diamond Level ($25,000)
  • Platinum Level ($15,000)
  • Gold Level ($10,000)
  • Silver Level ($5,000)
  • Bronze Level ($1,000)

Please consider making a contribution today. Gift of Water is an established organization with a proven process that gives your organization a chance to make a heartfelt response to a global problem.