Gift of Water has worked closely with CAWST (Centre for Affordable Water and Sanitation Technologies) to develop our Technician Training Program and utilizes their materials in providing WASH (Water treatment, Sanitation and Hygiene) education to household end users and community groups.  Our program strives to ensure that our water purifier beneficiaries are educated in all areas of WASH to optimize the health benefits.  The links below will provide you access to these training materials as well as other documents that we use.

  • Gift of Water Order Form: Use for placing all orders with Gift of Water (See page 2 of Order Form for technician materials)
  • Gift of Water Training Agenda: Workshop agenda used for Gift of Water technician training.  Technicians are required to graduate from this training before they can begin working in their communities.
  • WASH Training Guide: CAWST provided resources for use in technician training workshops
  • Sanitation Ladder Game: CAWST provided resources for use in educating on Proper Sanitation
  • Transmission Routes Game: CAWST provided resources for use in educating on Disease Transmission
  • Three Pile Game: CAWST provided resources for use in educating on Good WASH Practices
Order Form
Program Guide
Field Technician Guide (English)
Field Technician Guide (Creole)
Sanitation Ladder Game
Three Pile Game
WASH Training Guide (English)
WASH Training Guide (Creole)
Transmission Routes Game