St. Alphonsus (Zionsville, IN) Walks for Haiti

On Thrusday, June 21st, the members of St. Alphonsus parish in Zionsville, IN held a community walk to build awareness about struggles for families to find clean water in Haiti and how organizations like, Gift of Water, Inc., can help.

St. Alphonsus is twinned with St. Anthony of Padua. During the walk, participants received different pieces of information about the children in Haiti.  The cost to participant in the event was $35 per family, with each registration fee helping to provide one water filtration system for one Haitian family.  The event was more than successful, with over $4,000 being raised.

It may be hard to believe but the evening started out with rain and winds!  We have had no rain for a month – but God showed us who is really in control and blessed us with a quick shower and wind to cool things off!!  We were only delayed for about 20-30 minutes and then we proceeded as planned!

The evening started off with prayer, song, skit and a talk from our Pastor Fr. O’Keeffe.  Participants then walked along and path that provided information on the water problems in
Haiti, our sister parish – St. Anthony of Padua, and how we can help – providing water filtration
Systems – the Gift of Water!  Participants were then encouraged to take part in some games that
Haitian children would play and to build the filter that would be place inside the bucket for the filtration  System!

Everyone enjoyed themselves and had a great time!  Most importantly, they learned that they can make a difference in the lives of others!  Prayer and small sacrifices on our part can make a huge difference to others!

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