bruceBruce traveled to Haiti in February of 2008 as part of a mission trip with Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church in Carmel Indiana. He was struck by the lack of proper drinking water, especially, in rural Haiti. He had mentally prepared for the poverty but for the children not to have clean water…that rocked him “to the core”.  Bruce was an Aquarist (read “took care of fish”) for 24 years. He can’t help but be aware of the fundamental need for clean water. Here in the United States, we take it for granted. What comes out of our home faucets is so much healthier than what 70% of the world has. He is so glad (and, at the same time, ashamed) that his children, Evan and Alex, grew up not having to even think about the water they were drinking. It is time we made this a reality in the rest of the world.