Through a series of medical mission trips from 1992 to 1995, the Gift of Water founders discovered the root cause of many illnesses in Haiti could be traced to contaminated water and lack of resources to purify that water. The founders researched low-cost water purification systems and found an effective two-bucket home based system invented by the British military in 1800’s. With a small amount of engineering and updating materials, they were able to create a modern day version that was low cost and durable. In May 1995, Gift of Water was incorporated with the vision of providing low cost water purifying technologies to developing countries. With its focus primarily on Haiti, Gift of Water first distributed purifiers in Campeche Dumay.

In spite of the coup d’Etat in 2004, floods and hurricanes, Gift of Water persevered and helpcontinued to flourish and service even greater numbers of Haitian communities. By the end of 2007, more than 100 villages were being served by the Gift of Water. With plans to open a northern factory in 2008 to support its ever expanding distribution, the Gift of Water purifier program seemed poised to serve even more rural Haitian communities.

In January of 2010, the organization switched ownership to a group of individuals from

Indiana.  The new Gift of Water program has served approximately 50 new communities across the country and it continues to maintain the existing communities from the previously-operated organization.

aboutThe new Gift of Water board of directors consists of United Stated and Haitian residents.  The many different personalities of the board members, paired with the singular passion for the Gift of Water Mission, allows the program to flourish and to constantly improve.

Gift of Water has formed relationships with many organizations over the years, such as the Parish Twinning Programs of America and our secular and religious partnerships in Haiti. We have had a long and close relationship with these organizations and are thankful for their help and support for the singular mission.

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