Sponsor a Community

girl carrying water

Responsibilities of the Sponsoring Organization

The most active way in which you can get involved with Gift of Water is to sponsor a community in Haiti. Sponsorship is a long term relationship with a community of people who need help accessing life-saving clean water. Groups that have already established partnerships with communities in Haiti are in the perfect position to set up the Gift of Water program for their communities.

As a community sponsor, you are responsible for:

  • Purchasing Gift of Water systems for a finite number of families in your community in Haiti
  • Funding the payroll for Haitian technicians who are responsible for administering the Gift of Water program in your community
  • Establishing a water committee in the community you support
  • Funding for program growth, as possible, to support the addition of new families
Gift of Water has over 30 sponsors who are actively supporting their communities in Haiti. Through their efforts, the Gift of Water team has developed a best practice model for establishing a new water program and will work tirelessly to develop a successful water program in your community.

Responsibilities of the Community in Haiti

Working under the guidance of the Gift of Water program Best Practice Guidelines and with the assistance of a trained supervisor in Haiti, the sponsored community will form and maintain an active water committee that is responsible for:

  • Selecting the community technician
  • Selecting families to receive the Gift of Water systems
  • Monitoring usage of systems in the Haitian households
  • Maintaining inventory and placing orders for chlorine and replacement filters with Gift of Water as needed
The Solution

If you are NOT already working with a community in Haiti but would like to start a relationship with one, Gift of Water can assist in providing contacts that will help in matching you and your group with one.  If you are already working with a community and want to start a water program, we will walk you through the steps needed to take to do so.