Get Involved

Thank you for your continued interest in the Gift of Water. There are a number of ways that you might choose to support our program.

If you would like to volunteer your time to help with production in the US, please contact us to learn about upcoming opportunities.

If you are looking for an ongoing commitment to help bring clean drinking water to Haiti, then sponsoring a community in Haiti may just be the answer for you.

Big or small, we really do appreciate all donations. Your donations can help with a number of annual Gift of Water expenses. Some of our more significant annual expenses include:

  • Warehouse Space rent in Port au Prince
  • Ongoing field research and program development
  • Salaries for our County Managers to keep the operations functioning in Haiti
Haitian Boy
girl carrying water

Donation levels and ideas include:

$30 USD

Places a purifier in Haiti. This includes all material costs, manufacturing, shipping and delivery, and training costs.

$75 USD

provides emergency relief chlorine tablets for more than 100 families for a month

$100 USD

each month helps subsidize a community health worker/technician

$500 USD

covers costs to train community technicians

$1,500 USD

Places 50 additional purifiers in a previously established Gift of Water community in Haiti.

Corporate Donations


  • High profile recognition as a socially aware organization
  • Significant visibility through Gift of Water marketing campaigns and printed materials
  • Opportunity to make a direct investment in the lives of individuals struggling to meet basic health needs

Donations Levels

Your contribution will assist Gift of Water to fund additional units in previously established communities, salaries for our country managers, and additional administrative and material costs for program operation in Haiti. Gift of Water’s corporate sponsorship program has 5 levels of giving:

  • Diamond Level ($25,000)
  • Platinum Level ($15,000)
  • Gold Level ($10,000)
  • Silver Level ($5,000)
  • Bronze Level ($1,000)