The Purifier

The Process

The Gift of Water purification process is quite simple and similar to most public systems used in the United States today.  The system incorporates both a physical filtration step for particle removal and a chlorination step for disinfection.  This dual approach leads to high-quality treated water.

The Gift of Water system follows a two-bucket approach. The process involves prechlorination to disinfect the raw water from bacteria, followed by a 1 micron (μm) polypropylene string filter to remove suspended solids and larger disease-causing protozoa in the first bucket. The second bucket involves granular activated carbon (GAC) to remove organics and residual disinfectants, and then post-chlorination to keep the product water safe from recontamination. Users access the treated water via a tap in the bottom bucket.


The Specific Steps a User Follows are:

  • Add 5 gallons of water (20 litres) to the top/red bucket
  • Add a 67mg (red) chlorine tablet to the water
  • Allow 30 minutes contact time.
  • Place the top bucket on the bottom bucket, which activates a check-valve so that water flows through the two filters and into the bottom bucket.
  • Add a 17mg (grey) chlorine tablet to bottom bucket
  • Allow water to run through from top bucket to bottom bucket

Filtration & Chlorination System Benefits:

  • Pre-treatment of contaminated, turbid water with pre-chlorination step and the string-wound filter
  • Reduction in carcinogens from pre-chlorination in the activated carbon filter
  • Improved taste due to removal of metals and organic compounds
  • Residual protection from re-contamination due to the post-chlorination step in the bottom bucket
  • Proven reduction of bacteria, even in turbid waters
  • Acceptability to users because of ease-of-use, fast filtration rate (~20 liters/hour), acceptable taste, and visual improvement in the water
  • Improved health of the users