How to Assemble the Gift of Water Bucket-Based Water Filtration System

In this video, Laura Moehling demonstrates how to assemble the Gift of Water filtration system. The Gift of Water team typically assembles the parts and pieces of the unit before distribution to the communities, but the families are taught how the systems are assembled in case parts need replacing in the future.

The Gift of Water is the Gift of Life

Watch this video to meet some of the Gift of Water board members and to learn more about our program and the technology used in the filtration system.

The Parish Twinning Program

This video was created by the Parish Twinning Program, a non-profit organization that works closely with many families across Haiti. The Parish Twinning Program provides medical support, supports education, and provides access to clean water via the Gift of Water systems in the communities which they work. Please enter the password “haiti” to watch this […]